What a 5G Future Looks Like for Businesses

The first 5G network is not even up and running, but everyone is talking about the technology.While there is always

The first 5G network is not even up and running, but everyone is talking about the technology.While there is always interest and speculation when mobile networks get a speed boost, there is something different about 5G.

Many experts believe that moving from 4G LTE speeds to 5G networks will completely change the way internet is accessed.But what do these changes entail? And what do they mean for businesses?

Understanding 5G

The average internet user should be able to download files at around 6.5 megabytes per second. These are the speeds that people enjoy on their home internet, with mobile networks reaching one fourth of those speeds at best.

5G would be a complete transformation. It would deliver speeds of around 500 megabytes per second. It is unlike anything people have seen. And to get that through wireless, mobile networks with little latency is even more remarkable.

Not only will the average consumer have access to much faster internet on the go, but businesses will benefit too.

New Business Applications

With faster downloads and data transfer rates, along with no latency, business applications can provide more services than ever before. It also means that businesses can feel more comfortable having all data on the cloud, as accessing that data in real time will be a non-issue with 5G.

The type of software that currently requires powerful computers to run will be run through the cloud. Virtual desktops will become the norm, with people able to access that power while they are on the go. Businesses will benefit, as remote workers now have more power and speed at their fingertip.

Improved Enterprise Communications

Enterprise organizations will benefit significantly. Communicating with individuals around the world or in areas with previously poor internet connections will be an easier process.

Collaboration on data-rich projects will also be simpler. The weak connections or high latency that can derail many phone conversations and group communications will be a thing of the past.

Internet of Things

The internet of things is already here, with so many appliances, machines and infrastructure network connected. But 5G will take it to another level, as the strain on the network of these items will be negligible.

Businesses will be able to connect almost every aspect of their physical locations and offices to the internet, ensuring real time access to the type of data that can only make their operations more effective.

Gains in Efficiency

Businesses that rely on a lot of communication and logistics services will benefit from the increased efficiency that 5G will drive. For instance, companies that rely on shipping and transportation will have the tech to track fleet in real time.

Shipping companies could easily give customers information to track their drivers in real time, seeing when a package is on the way or minutes from delivery!

To say the world will change with 5G is not hyperbolic. Some see it as doing what is done already, but at faster speeds. But the 5G speed increase is so much that it will open up entirely new services that were not possible in the past.