How Will Computing Evolve in the Next Ten Years?

When assessing computers and related technology today, it is remarkable to see the growth made in the past decade.Computers from

When assessing computers and related technology today, it is remarkable to see the growth made in the past decade.Computers from 10 or 15 years ago were powerful, but not on the level of today’s machines.

Not only are modern machines more powerful and efficient, but they open up so many new functions.But what will the future look like? How will computing evolve over the next 10 to 12 years?

Why the Evolution of Computing Matters

Computers form such a crucial part of modern life, whether it is from a business or consumer perspective. From the smartphones in peoples’ hands to the digital interfaces at restaurants, computers are everywhere.

Internet of Things

Computers have gone beyond a niche or specific use. The internet of things has ensured that digital and connected appliances are the future. Everything from thermostats to refrigerators to toilets are interconnected. And such connectivity will only increase when computer tech evolves.

Embracing the Cloud

Another evolution that will continue is the embrace of the cloud. While major businesses have always used some form of software as a service, the mainstream acceptance of the cloud is very recent. And it will only get deeper.

Currently, people see the cloud as a place where information is stored and accessed when needed. Companies are able to run networks, data operations and customer service software through cloud-based data.

But what if it were possible to video edit on a smartphone, using the cloud? With the processing being done on another computer, at a server halfway around the world? It is not a fantasy, but will soon become a reality. And the possibilities it will open up are beyond our consideration.

Health-Centric and Life Saving Tech

The evolution of computing is not just about businesses being able to offer products and services in a more efficient way. There are lifesaving and changing benefits that are already being witnessed.

The emergence of 3D printing has allowed medical experts to 3D print prosthetics that are a perfect fit for patients. Not only are these prosthetics a perfect fit, but they are also much more affordable than previous options.

In ten years, it is entirely possible that scientists and doctors will be able to 3D print functioning organs that can replace the ones in human bodies.

Machine Learning

The future of computing definitely involves machine learning. The emergence of AI and digital assistants is already underway. But in ten years, it is possible that machine learning will have advanced to a point where robots can not only perform pre-set commands, but learn on the fly.

Technology is moving at a rapid rate – there is no doubt about that.

It will be up to tech experts, industry leaders and the public to ensure that society’s embrace of new tech is done in an ethical and humanitarian way.

New technology is wonderful, but only when it brings people together and makes everyone’s life better. It will be fascinating to see whether the technologies and changes mentioned above can have the desired positive impact on society.