Fun in the future: What computers will do in the world ahead

Computers are becoming more than just our phones and laptops, and so many devices are becoming more and more assessable

Computers are becoming more than just our phones and laptops, and so many devices are becoming more and more assessable through an app or our phones. Computers are rapidly popping up everywhere – even household appliances getting touchscreen treatment.

With more and more devices being booted up every single day, and the connection between the ‘internet of things’ (where computers connect to everyday devices such as fridges, lightbulbs, and cars) only growing, computers have a lot of work to do.

Connecting living tissue and mechanical bots

One of the biggest tasks that people are starting to undertake is making a prosthetic part that acts and feels like a real body part. For people who have lost their arm or leg, signals are sent from the brain, translated by sensors in the prosthetic, and then the arm or leg does what the brain wants it to.

Now, prosthetics are designed to send messages back to the brain, creating a unique flow of information where those with lost limbs can feel sensations that they didn’t think about. For example, if we bump our arms into the wall, we feel pain but if a prosthetic arm hit the wall, it would be an inconvenience, but wouldn’t hurt.

With the new designs, however, the bump can be felt as the sensors send information back to the brain. What if someone held the hand or stroked a prosthetic arm? The rush and intimacy that people with real hands feel will be accessible to those with prosthetics until no one can tell the difference.

Other computers are being designed for the future of the medical industry, including computerized medical robots, and even biological computerized medicine that can be swallowed in a pill before learning about the illness and curing it!

Virtual and real worlds

The changes in virtual reality technology, as well as augmented reality, are also making gamers excited for the future of computers, with companies making games that are designed for virtual reality and full immersion, such as Skyrim.

As the trend continues to become more popular the VR games will start to really blur the line between the fiction and the real world as the tech gets smaller and smaller. Augmented reality is also becoming more of a craze, with games like Pokémon Go showing that a good game that forces people to go outside is at least good for a short craze.

The future of technology

Regardless of what happens with technology or whether you agree with the trends or changes in the industry, the one thing that everyone understands is that the industry is growing and will continue to grow and become more innovative as time goes on.

The future of computing is getting more and more innovative as time goes on, with every single industry from entertainment to medicine to government becoming more and more connected. It will certainly be interesting to watch, and even more interesting to be a part of.